The Hotel for Dogs & Cats is a Rescue & Adoption Service and is run solely by your donations. Because of your wonderful assistance every puppy, dog, kitten & cat that you see on the website has the chance to find their forever homes.

Due to popular request, we have added a PayPal donation button for your convenience. We really appreciate all of you who have dontated to help these wonderful fuzzy faces.

The Hotel receives donations every day and we try and make the best use of every donation that comes our way, but some donations, while given with the best intentions, can not be used by our Guests. Here are some guidelines that may help you target your donation.

Bless You for your Donation & helping to save the Life of a wonderful pet!!

**** The best donation you can give a Dog & Cat is a monetary donation! The medicines, pills, spays & neuters, puppy, dog, kitten and cat foods that we use at The Hotel are not available for public purchase and can only be purchased by licensed veterinarians.